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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

iPad Wallpaper Archive

The iPad wallpapers below are made by me. If you repost please credit back to me or a link is greatly appreciated. Original images from Summit Entertainment.

How do you get these onto your iPad as a wallpaper?

From your iPad click on the wallpaper image that you want. Then you should see a download button like this.

Click the download button. You should get to a screen that just shows the image in the corner. 

Just tap and hold the image until you get a popup giving you "Save Image" option like this. Sometimes this takes a couple tries but you should be able to get it.

Click on the Save Image button and it should be saved in your iPad Photos on your Homescreen.

Find this icon on your Homescreen
For the remaining steps see this article on iPad UnLock vs. Regular Homescreen Wallpapers.

Choose wisely for your Unlock Screen versus Homescreen Wallpapers to avoid this:

Some wallpapers are NOT meant for icon screens
And look much better as Unlock screen wallpapers

Important: Remember click on image to download - right click will get you a thumbnail only.

Uploaded May 10

For Alison from Twifans

I just didn't know which colour Alison would like the best

And for Mrs. P. from Twibite (who has been beta testing my wallpapers for me)

Didn't think you would all want a wallpaper with Mrs. P on it (not that you aren't lovely dear) so here are some more for the rest of you.

Edward in Chrome - shiny :)

flat indented words
embossed shiny words
Uploaded May 6

uploaded May 2

iPad wallpaper background Eclipse movie Twilight

iPad wallpaper Twilight New Moon kiss Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

iPad wallpaper Twilight New Moon Edward Robert Pattinson

iPad wallpaper Twilight New Moon Bella Kristen Stewart

Uploaded May 3

iPad Eclipse Edward Wallpaper
iPad Eclipse Edward Wallpaper Black White

iPad Eclipse Bella Wallpaper
iPad Eclipse Bella Black White wallpaper

iPad Eclipse Jacob Wallpaper
iPad Eclipse Jacob Black White Wallpaper

I'm trying out hosting these images at Let me know if you have any trouble downloading them or using them.

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