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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pattinson State of Mind Joins Twi-Mobile

Pattinson State of Mind
This site is great. It's wordpress based so it's mobile site is easy to surf. In addition to all the Rob info they've got lots of info on Sam, Bobby, and Marcus' music. Go now and check them out on my sidebar and the mobile site.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Robsten Dreams Joins Twi-Mobile

For all you Robsten lovers...

Robsten Dreams
So for all of you who wanted a true Robsten iPhone icon here you go. Robsten Dreams seriously immerses you in the Robsten love. Go check them out!

As always I've added them to the sidebar and also to the Twi-Mobile mobile accesspoint.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Twi-Mobile Members

Twilighters Anonymous

Woohoo for having our Twi-Mobile button on the Affiliate links on TA. Hey, they are a gigantic site so I'm happy to have our button somewhere. They have the most awesome contests so go check now. By the way, they don't have an iPhone icon up yet but should soon.

Strictly Rob Pattinson
Come check out this very pretty Wordpress blog. I'm a fan of her colours and she truly has a tab for every Rob related thing at the top. So organized!

Twilight Poison

Last one for today. This one deserves a special mention as it is the prettiest Twilight mobile site I've seen to date. See from my iPhone?

They made custom code for their site and it shows. Anyone wanting to pretty up their current blogs that I am helping to admin, feel free to make yourselves fancier borders and specify more colours if you want. If you really want to replicate the look of this you'll have to go the route.

As always I'm adding these to the desktop sidebar and also the mobile jumpsite

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New iPhone Wallpapers by MissAmyJoon

The talented MissAmyJoon has posted more iPhone wallpapers on her tumblr blog.

My Favourites
(Click them to go to her blog for download) 

Follow Me or Subscribe to get these updates sent to you.

As always adding them to the iPhone Wallpaper Archives on the sidebar.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RobNipulations Joins Twi-Mobile

Twi-Mobile Welcomes...


Okay just the concept of a whole site dedicated to RobNips is awesome. I particularly like Iron Man Rob. Very nice! As always these blogs are inherently mobile friendly so easy to join us here at Twi-Mobile.

Wow another member today - woohoo! Do you have a or mobile friendly blog and want to be listed? Email twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com

Rob My World Joins Twi-Mobile

Twi-Mobile welcomes...

Rob My World
Amber has actually had her site mentioned in People magazine. So sweet! Maybe Rob actually checked it out? Go see what the fuss is about!

As always I've added it the blogroll on the sidebar and the mobile site at

The Cold Shower Joins Twi-Mobile

The Cold Shower
Twi-Mobile is pleased to welcome it's newest member The Cold Shower. Our sweet girl Bleriana has a love of Rob Porn and 50 from Master of the Universe. Go ahead and check her out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TwiCrackAddict Joins Twi-Mobile & YouTube Videos on your Posts

Super big news...

Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict
Thank you to Lorabell from TwiCrackAddict for agreeing to get mobilized and slapping a Twi-Mobile badge right at the top of her sidebar. I'm sure her site needs no introduction but I'm super happy because one of my good friends is addicted to TwiCrack and I am the worst type of enabler.

Of course adding her to the blogroll alongside all the other mobile blogs at

Admin note: YouTube videos - they can't be seen if you embed them in your posts; you won't even get an error box or a placeholder. So I've just started putting a link right before or after the video saying Video Here and have it linked to the YouTube URL like the one you would send to a friend through email.
It used to work but then YouTube changed up their stuff and it's not right at the moment.

More iRobs for your iPhone by DreamySim1

The talented DreamySim1 has come out with another set of iRobs to help beautify our iPhones and iPod touchs.
As always click on the images to be taken to her links for download.

Click here to see the whole set
iRobs #9 May 31, 2010
My favourites

Next set

iRobs #10 June 2/2010

My favourites

iRobward Eclipse

Final set

iRobs #11 June 28/2010
My favourites

As always I'll be adding these to the iPhone Wallpaper Archives.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mobile Friendly Fanfiction

So remember how excited I was when went mobile friendly?

Well there's a way to read fanfic off line easily now. My fanfic buddy FanficZombie tweeted me the other day with a little tidbit. Check out her blog for more info.

reading this offline has been the Holy  Grail!
Her big news - remember the fanfic downloader app I talked about before that you can use to download stories from to read offline later? Well it works on as well.

Link to Fanfiction Downloader that works with and

Remember that you can easily download stories onto your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad Stanza app to read offline later on. Check this article to see how.

So a huge thank you to FanficZombie for finding the Holy Grail. Seriously silly that I've been using that app for ages and never even thought to try on it before. Maybe a good thing because I feel myself becoming more fanfic zombified after this.

Twi-Mobile Welcomes Osa Bella & Ask Alice

New Members:

Osa Bella
I love my fanfic and Osa Bella is written by the talented Myg. Here's the story
Bella is a school counselor, but Edward is posing as a student. Will Edward convince Bella to defy her head and follow her heart? Or will Bella conquer her desire and do what she believes is right?
It is one of those where I plowed through the whole thing at once and barely breathed. Chapters post at Twitarded and also on


The other new addition to our mobile friendly list is Ask Alice. It is a super new blog by Alisha who also owns Black Nailed Reviews. This girls got things started right by making sure she goes mobile too. Check her out here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mobile Sites ReVamped

Phew! I have almost finished converting the free mofuse blogs over to Mofuse Premium blogs.
Updated mobile links on sidebar.
New Twi-Mobile site at also updated.
About half the sites have also added a new feature where mobile devices are automatically redirected to the mobile site. Fancy huh?
IPad users please let me know if you are being redirected and if it's driving you crazy as the mobile blogs aren't iPad optimized.

Lastly, the sidebar lower half of members are those whose mobile sites aren't in proper order right now. I would never take you off since you have allowed me to badger you enough to be here. It's just a reminder to get stuff fixed and indeed email me for assistance at twicupcake(at)

For those wanting to join Twi-Mobile and don't have a mobile site yet they'll have these options.
- free - if you want to switch to another platform entirely convert to or self-hosted
- free - if you want to leave your desktop blog alone - - meant for web designers so basic knowledge of CSS important but don't you have a programmer friend :) Just me for help twicupcake(at)
- paid - for 3 bucks/month at with promo code three - feel free to fiddle with making your own site or email me to do it for you - it takes me about 10 minutes a site - helpful if I have a current blog banner and button for you

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Mofuse for Blogs Have Changed

Sigh, I leave the blogging world for two weeks and look what happens? Free Mofuse for Blogs is no longer available. Instead they are offering a very low price (only 3 bucks a month) for their MofusePremium Jumpstart plan. You just enter promo code three.

Considering that the MofusePremium is more flexible, extremely easy to use, offers autodetection of mobile devices, and has lots of other features we should be happy they're offering it for only 3 bucks a month. There are still limitations to this beginner plan, mainly that there is a low maximum number of elements (links, pages, etc) per blog.

This last part is what doesn't work for me. If you've used my latest Twi-Mobile site at you would have noticed that all the network member links don't fit on one page and I've had to list people over a few pages. Just not as elegant.

What's my free alternative? The free alternative to this is to use mobify. It is indeed free and makes beautiful sites. I can put unlimited links on it and really customize everything and not just show an RSS feed. Downside? You need to know basic CSS in order to pretty it up. Not an issue for those of you web designers out there but for the rest of us there's a bit of a learning curve. You can hire a web designer of course to help with this but once again incurring more costs.

For more info from a designer on the basics of mobifying your site check out
For a good starter YouTube video of how to start mobifying

So for now I've changed over my mobile blog to

It's basic but it lists all the mobile friendly blogs for now. Speaking of which all of you who have free mofuse blogs started by me or who have joined up to this point should be expecting an email soon from me.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Important Twi-Mobile Admin Note and Goes Mobile

Important Twi-Mobile admin note

Reminder that if your mofuse blog goes down please redirect to

That is my paid Mofuse blog and it will have the RSS feed for all Twi-Mobile members and will still work even if your mofuse blogs go under unexpected server maintenance.
My apologies to everyone who follows both my blogs as this is a partial cross post. This news was just too  important to not put both places.
By the way I changed my avatar here and on Twitter to my Bella and Edward figurines - I was a bit tired of looking at my own face. Click here for my post about them.

my new Avatar
Those of you who read fanfic and have been following my blog know that I've made it my mission in life to do everything from my iPhone. I've even gone to great lengths to try and get stories onto my iPhone and iPod touch and written tutorials for you guys as well.

Sunday was the release of the final chapter of Master of the Universe by Snowdragon Icequeens. It's Chapter 87 and this fic has finally finished after 8 months of wonderful reading bliss.

I was so happy when my email alert from came with this at the end

See the Mobile? Too exciting. It's about frickin time.

If you click on the mobile version this is how the story looks from my iPhone.

To jump chapters you can scroll to the bottom or press Menu at the top.

This even lets you Review, Add Story or Author as Favourite, and Follow Story or Author.

What happens if you go to a regular desktop URL? Nothing, as in there is no automatic detection and redirection for mobile devices.

But it's easy to get to the mobile version of any story.

Just replace the www with an m

Side tutorial - How do you do select and replace text on an iPhone?

First hold your finger down on the www part of the URL until you get the magnifying glass.

Then tap on Select, not Select All.

You should get a Cut/Copy/Paste box showing a highlighted www part. Don't click on any of those options.

Now just type m to replace the www and you'll get the correct URL. Then press Go at the bottom right and you're there.

So if you don't mind reading online this is the quickest way. If you have to read it offline then still follow the tutorial here.

By the way here are some iPhone wallpapers I made for myself this week.

You can find them and my other wallpapers at the iPhone Wallpaper Archive.

Lastly, notice my new buttons on the right sidebar for Twitter, RSS, email? Well there's a new button you may not recognize

It's for tumblr - my new microblog - I'll explain it next time. For now just go ahead and click on it to check it out. Don't forget to click the Archive button when you're there - the Archive gallery is so pretty!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TwiPorn Library/Random Acts of Rob Join Twi-Mobile

Random Acts of Rob
I am super duper excited that Random Acts of Rob (RAOR) has decided to join Twi-Mobile. I've been following them since the first week I became a twilight fan a year ago and was introduced to fanfiction. They have the TwiPorn Library and it's seriously full of lemony goodness that you could get lost in forever. They are a mobile friendly Wordpress site but keep in mind stories they link to may not necessarily be mobile friendly on or but the summaries on RAOR are mobile so you can see what you get before you move on and click. Remember if you want to convert stories to be easily read as an ebook on your mobile see my sidebar post How to Read Fanfic On Your Mobile.

Desktop & Mobile:
RAOR Homepage
RAOR TwiPorn Library

Don't forget that you can add their specific bookmark to your phone but even if you don't they'll be a link to them from the Twi-Mobile mobile site at

Monday, May 24, 2010

StarLitViolets Joins Twi-Mobile

Violet Delights

Twi-Mobile welcomes StarLitViolets' blog Violet Delights. Every time I see her blog banner my mind goes right back to Kristen Stewart's voice in New Moon and I feel melancholy but happy. Sigh. Please check out her blog:


RobPattzNews Joins Twi-Mobile

Twi-Mobile welcomes RobPattzNews to its blogroll. I love their new Water for Elephants banner. Check them out at

If you know of any other blogs who would like me to make them a mobile site or want their mobile-friendliness added to Twi-Mobile's blogroll let me, Twilight Cupcake, know at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pattinson Project Joins Twi-Mobile

The Pattinson Project
Twi-Mobile welcomes The Pattinson Project. I was super pleased that within a few minutes of twittering with them they had even slapped the Twi-Mobile button onto their sidebar. I love that it's under Awards & Honours because that's pretty much what Twi-Mobile is - a place to feel proud that you are mobile friendly and to stand along with other future forward sites.

Desktop & Mobile:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

808 Twilighters Joins Twi-Mobile

808 Twilighters

From the complete opposite climate of Forks rain forest in the Pacific Northwest we have the ladies of 808 Twilighters from sunny Hawaii.

Welcome to Twi-Mobile!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Volturi Citizen Joins Twi-Mobile

The Volturi Citizen
Twi-Mobile welcomes The Volturi Citizen. Their name reminds me that I'll be in Volterra in a month. Ooh creepy. Go check out their sites at the links below. Love their banner.