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Friday, July 16, 2010

New Twi-Mobile Members

Twilighters Anonymous

Woohoo for having our Twi-Mobile button on the Affiliate links on TA. Hey, they are a gigantic site so I'm happy to have our button somewhere. They have the most awesome contests so go check now. By the way, they don't have an iPhone icon up yet but should soon.

Strictly Rob Pattinson
Come check out this very pretty Wordpress blog. I'm a fan of her colours and she truly has a tab for every Rob related thing at the top. So organized!

Twilight Poison

Last one for today. This one deserves a special mention as it is the prettiest Twilight mobile site I've seen to date. See from my iPhone?

They made custom code for their site and it shows. Anyone wanting to pretty up their current blogs that I am helping to admin, feel free to make yourselves fancier borders and specify more colours if you want. If you really want to replicate the look of this you'll have to go the route.

As always I'm adding these to the desktop sidebar and also the mobile jumpsite

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