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Sunday, April 25, 2010

iPhone Wallpapers from DreamySim1

Many of you already know DreamySim1's work from Thinking of Rob and Random Acts of Rob. She makes gorgeous Rob wallpapers for the desktop and also the iPhone. Seriously once you get onto her site you could get stuck there for a long time just dreaming your day away looking at Rob.
I'm so happy she let me post some of my favourite iPhone wallpapers (or iRobs as she has coined) here on Twi-Mobile. Check out her blog In my dreams to see her deskRobs and iRobs.

To date Dreamysim1 has made almost 50 iRobs! Here are a few of my favourites:

Remember to put them as wallpaper after you've gotten to just the image on your screen, just tap and hold for a second and the Save Image option should come on. Then go out to your iPhone Photos app, open Camera Roll album, and go to the image you want. Click button on bottom left and then select Use As Wallpaper. You're done!

ifaceRobs (Nov 2009)
Click to see the ifaceRob set
My favourites:

with matching Easter deskRob here

iRobs Set 2 (Dec 2009)
Click to see iRobs Set 2
My favourites

iRobs Xmas Set (Dec 2009)
Click to see iRobs Xmas Set
My favourites

iRobs Set 4 (Dec 2009)
Click to see iRobs Set 4
My favourites

Random Acts of Rob special

iRobs Set 5 (Dec 2009)
Click to see iRobs Set 5
My favourites

iCityRob has matching deskRob here

Click to see iRobs Remember Me Special
My favourites

with matching deskRob here

iRobs Set 7 (Jan 2009)
Click to see iRobs Set 7
My favourites

with matching Deskrob here

Bel Ami iRobs (April 2009)
Click to see Bel Ami iRobs
My favourites

with matching deskRob here

I couldn't help but post them all at the same time. It just seemed cruel to not just let you admire every one. DreamySim1 also takes requests if you have any favourite photos you'd like iRobbed then let her know here.

You can find these and all the iPhone wallpapers I've collected on the sidebar Menu iPhone Wallpaper Archive - I'll be adding to it daily.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you want more or what other mobile devices you have requests for.

1 comment:

Dangrdafne said...

The Bel Ami with Rob and the umbrella under the flowers is breathtaking. I love that one!