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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New iPhone wallpapers by MissAmyJoon

You all know I am in love with Twilight and also my iPhone. One of the reasons I love my iPhone is because it's beautiful. What makes it even more beautiful? Twilight wallpapers - more specifically Rob Pattinson wallpapers.

These were made by my talented friend MissAmyJoon. You should check out her blog over at

How do you get these onto your ipod touch/iphone? From your iPhone or iPod touch just tap and hold the image until you get a popup giving you "Save Image" option. Once you've saved it go to your Photos and it should be in your Camera Roll album. Click on the image and save it as Wallpaper - you are done!

Here are 8 of them so you have one for each day this week plus a bonus. Enjoy!

More to come soon...


Anonymous said...

Gawd those are lovely. I typically leave Alice as my iPhone wallpaper. Hubster loves Alice and I love hubster as much as Rob.

MissAmyJoon said...

I wish I could figure out how to put a Rob background on my phone. Hmm..another incentive to get an iPhone. I hope those of you who do have one enjoy the backgrounds!

Latchkey Wife said...

Almost didn't make it past the first picture... holy hell!

17foreverlisa said...

Sweet!!! This never occurred to me, TC. I'm so glad you thought of it. It's a feature on my new phone that I never realized I could use that way. You continue to spoil us! XOXO

@TM - How lucky are you to love your husband as much as Rob. It would be like the honeymoon phase 24/7 for me if that were the case ;)

@Amy - You know how much I love you and your work, girlie!

This reminds me, though, that I never replied to your email question about my new phone. I have U.S. Cellular. The iPhone is only available through AT&T, which is why I got the BlackBerry. No matter what provider you have, getting a Smart Phone is the key.

I was able to save the pictures to my BlackBerry, too. The screen is smaller (and rectangular) than on the iPhone/iPod Touch, but it allows me to zoom in and fill the screen, so I was able to save some awesome closeup pics of Rob from your designs.

I will have to go to your site and load wallpapers because I bet they'll fit perfectly. I will love having the one you designed for me on there!!

@LKW - Can we ever get enough of Vanity Fair Rob? I don't think so!

MissAmyJoon said...

@Lisa The wallpapers might work. I can look up the size for BB wallpapers and resize for you too! There are multiple models and sizes. Do you have a Pearl or Curve, or ...?

17foreverlisa said...

@Amy - I have a Curve. And I have to make a retraction. I thought I was locking the images in to save at the zoomed in view, but they are the original view so don't fill my screen. Thanks for checking into it for me!!

twilightcupcake said...

Hi ladies - so glad to see you like this idea and that Amy was super fast getting these out to me. Good to know what other phones people have out there. Lisa has a Blackberry Curve. Amy - what kind of phone do you have? I will be making a page for Blackberry stuff (although I may need some testers for this stuff since I don't have one!)

MissAmyJoon said...

@TC I have a Samsung Propel. I don't have Internet access because that costs extra.

twilightcupcake said...

Amy have you ever made backgrounds for your propel phone? You can transfer them using the USB to a microSD card in your phone so you just need Internet on your desktop right?