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Saturday, May 8, 2010

DreamySim1 and Walk With Mrs. P Join Twi-Mobile

Happy Mother's Day weekend to everyone. A quick note - my email has been changed to twimobile(at) from twicupcake(at)

I'm pleased to announce two more additions to the Twi-Mobile network. One of them should be assumed since DreamySim1 already has her own section in the iPhone archives.

 DreamySim1 has amazing wallpapers and since she has a Wordpress blog her site is mobile friendly already at

Walk with Mrs. P
We all know and love Mrs. P from Twibite. Walk with Mrs. P is technically not a Twilight blog but who cares? It is Mrs. P's rant blog and I love hearing that woman complain! I hope you'll follow her on your mobile site at

So go to their mobile sites and add their bookmarks to your homescreens. Of course they'll be added to the Twi-Mobile mobile site blogroll so you can just bookmark and they'll be on the list:



Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for doing what seems like magic tricks to the rest of us....

twilightcupcake said...

@Mrs. P - LOL I think that's funny. I wish it were something magical, then I could make myself sparkly to match Edward!