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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twilight Tracker Review - Is it worth paying for?

So being an iPhone lover means having a love of apps. This post has been a long time coming on Twi-Mobile.
Where to start? Have to start with the official stuff first right?

iPhone/iPod touch

Official Twilight App from Summit Entertainment

Official mobile page at
It's great that Eclipse has an official app but it's not free. Read on to see if it's worth the 99 cents.

By the way, to get the app you can't go to the Official Eclipse Movie mobile page from your iPhone. It's in Flash and iPhone doesn't support Flash. Funny huh? So you'll have to go to your App store and search for Twilight tracker instead.

You could download it on your desktop Mac or PC through the Official Eclipse Movie page to your iTunes and then sync it with your iPhone.

Here are some screenshots from my iPhone:


So far still no Eclipse cover
News Page
Usually quite up to date
Photo gallery
Photos contain their promotional stills

You can even add the stills as wallpaper right away


No more Youtube searches

I love how they are too PC to have Edward or Bella at the top.

They include everyone - small biography of each included


This is linked to the US store only and I couldn't get it to work from Canada. There were some goodies in here that I had forgotten about from iTunes.

Free podcast Rob Pattinson and Catherine Hardwicke
Download Rob's playlist from iTunes

Info provided by Twilight Lexicon

Lastly there is a Shouts area that I have not created a profile to participate in. If you have and would like to share your experience let me know.

Verdict? Worth it. Even just to have the official trailers on their from Summit itself. I'm a sucker for anything that even has the word Twilight in it so the 99 cent pricetag didn't stop me for a second.

Next up, an official Summit podcast that I somehow missed.


Dangrdafne said...

Ok, you are sooo good at all this. Can you petition Verizon to get the iPhone??? I bet they would listen to you! ARG

twilightcupcake said...

@Dangrdafne - I hate to push things that you can't have yet :( Sorry sweetie. Maybe you could look into the iPad and be as lucky as Mrs. P?