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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mofuse Server Maintenance

Hi everyone,

Well, I woke up to all the mofuse blogs being offline today. And, it's not just our Twi-Mobile blogs. Everyones free mofuse blogs aren't running today.

I blame myself since I spent hours yesterdays tweeting and emailing with David, the CEO of Mofuse. He was helping me figure out a bug I found on Mofuse for free. In the end to help me solve the issue he gave me a whole whack of mofuse premium blogs eg. no ads and all in all prettier blogs.

But I am assuming today that they are busy fixing the bugs that I mentioned to him. My bad.

So apologies to all who were hoping to stay in bed surfing their mobile Twilight blogs all day and ended up getting "file cannot be found" messages.

The Mofuse service is free and under no obligation to give us any warning when this happens.

If you want to transfer your mobile site to a premium site where this is much less likely to happen let me know. Granted I will have to be your admin for it since I'm the one with the free accounts (thanks to David) so you'd have to be okay with that. Otherwise it's about 7 bucks a month.

Or you can switch from blogger to Wordpress and then you'd have your own built in mobile version. MissAmyJoon, DreamySim1, and Thinking of Rob all are WP blogs and hence unaffected by today's outtage.

By the way, more iPad wallpapers to come and also a tribute to Hockeyward as well.

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