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Monday, May 10, 2010

New iPad Wallpapers for Twifans

So, two lucky people I know so far have an iPad for Mother's Day. Aw, how sweet! To make their new iPads extra Twilight pretty I sent them some presents.

Keep in mind that I made these very simple so they are usable behind the icon screens and not just the unlock screen.

Why's that important?

Some wallpapers look much better on Unlock screens 
Some wallpapers are NOT meant for icon screens

(remember to download the full size just click on them then press the download button)

For Alison from Twifans

I just didn't know which colour Alison would like the best

And for Mrs. P. from Twibite (who has been beta testing my wallpapers for me)

Didn't think you would all want a wallpaper with Mrs. P on it (not that you aren't lovely dear) so here are some more for the rest of you.

Edward in Chrome - shiny :)

flat indented words
embossed shiny words
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Okay folks, hope these help make your iPads more beautiful without clutter. I'll be adding them to the iPad Wallpaper Archive in the top right sidebar.

I'll be making some more iPhone wallpapers too to add to the iPhone Wallpaper Archives.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! You posted the Edward eyeball debacle!!! LOL!!!! If someone downloads the Mrs. P wallpaper I will love them forever...
Great job with these...keep sending them for me to test, I love them!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Beautiful wallpapers... now, if only I knew what an IPad is. The irony of the thing is, that I am very technically savvy, but we are so behind on these techie gadgets in Serbia, I'm only now grasping the full concept of Blackberry (not that I have one, sniff, sniff)