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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TwiPorn Library/Random Acts of Rob Join Twi-Mobile

Random Acts of Rob
I am super duper excited that Random Acts of Rob (RAOR) has decided to join Twi-Mobile. I've been following them since the first week I became a twilight fan a year ago and was introduced to fanfiction. They have the TwiPorn Library and it's seriously full of lemony goodness that you could get lost in forever. They are a mobile friendly Wordpress site but keep in mind stories they link to may not necessarily be mobile friendly on or but the summaries on RAOR are mobile so you can see what you get before you move on and click. Remember if you want to convert stories to be easily read as an ebook on your mobile see my sidebar post How to Read Fanfic On Your Mobile.

Desktop & Mobile:
RAOR Homepage
RAOR TwiPorn Library

Don't forget that you can add their specific bookmark to your phone but even if you don't they'll be a link to them from the Twi-Mobile mobile site at

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