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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Mofuse for Blogs Have Changed

Sigh, I leave the blogging world for two weeks and look what happens? Free Mofuse for Blogs is no longer available. Instead they are offering a very low price (only 3 bucks a month) for their MofusePremium Jumpstart plan. You just enter promo code three.

Considering that the MofusePremium is more flexible, extremely easy to use, offers autodetection of mobile devices, and has lots of other features we should be happy they're offering it for only 3 bucks a month. There are still limitations to this beginner plan, mainly that there is a low maximum number of elements (links, pages, etc) per blog.

This last part is what doesn't work for me. If you've used my latest Twi-Mobile site at you would have noticed that all the network member links don't fit on one page and I've had to list people over a few pages. Just not as elegant.

What's my free alternative? The free alternative to this is to use mobify. It is indeed free and makes beautiful sites. I can put unlimited links on it and really customize everything and not just show an RSS feed. Downside? You need to know basic CSS in order to pretty it up. Not an issue for those of you web designers out there but for the rest of us there's a bit of a learning curve. You can hire a web designer of course to help with this but once again incurring more costs.

For more info from a designer on the basics of mobifying your site check out
For a good starter YouTube video of how to start mobifying

So for now I've changed over my mobile blog to

It's basic but it lists all the mobile friendly blogs for now. Speaking of which all of you who have free mofuse blogs started by me or who have joined up to this point should be expecting an email soon from me.

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